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New Works

New Works

“It is always exciting to create new works of art. By the time the statue is in bronze, many hours have been spent thinking about sculpture, how it will be designed and how it will look in its final version. My recent works are a bit of a departure from past sculptures. I am still using classical parts of the human form in each statue, however I am juxtaposing them with mechanical parts to convey where we have gone in this last Century, from Astrolabes and 3D clocks to parts of machines and even bottle caps in the case of Tiny Treasures.”

It has been a wonderful adventure. Several of these parts signify the Industrial age and the search for significance in our digital/mechanic/robotic society.

Bronze is an incredible metal, very strong, sophisticated and capable of capturing intricate detail. It is an enduring medium of amazing durability and strength, compared with the brittle and fragile nature of brass, zinc or tin. Delesprie has expertise using a wide range of patinas (the color of the bronze), from Old World Patinas to custom colors of every kind to achieve her clients’ desires. Call to schedule an appointment or to see her work in person.

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Commissions & Monuments


Delesprie’s works of Art are in prestigious locations. They are found in high-end Malls, Libraries, Museums, Senior Centers, Parks, Hospitals, Sport Stadiums and Corporations. (See map of monuments’ locations). She chooses either emotional subjects or statues with a lot of motion.

There are no middlemen when working with Delesprie. Every statue is hand made locally in Southern California. She works collaboratively with Architects, Landscape Architects, Contractors, Builders, City Planners, City Commissioners, Fountain Designers and families for their monuments or portraits.

Delesprie uses the lost wax method to create her statues using the best Silicon Bronze available and the best of all other materials needed to complete a bronze statue. She is well known throughout Southern California because of the numerous installations of her Monuments. It is a laborious method and involves Apprentices, Artisans and Assistants working together to bring about the best quality Bronze sculptures.

Statues and monuments are made in a similar way to how they were done in Ancient days. The difference lies in the sophistication of the materials that has been brought about by research. The process involves a series of molds, wax patterns, an investment shell, bronze, sand blasting, welding and color of the bronze. See The Process of Sculpting below in written form or a YouTube.

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Sculpture Portraits


The portraits are made using photographs and live modeling. Delesprie’s work is painstakingly realistic and when it comes to people usually whimsical or emotional. Her work is considered to be traditional. Cast in the lost wax method, each sculpture has its own personality. Sculptures are commissioned by: Developers, Architects, Hospitals, Libraries, Museums and Corporations. Some statues are commissioned by private individuals for their homes and front yards. Delesprie has been sculpting for 3 decades. Her studio is in Westlake Village, California. Photographs are taken of the Loved One, Child, Founder of a company or Celebrity. There is a methodology of how the photographs need to be taken that will be provided to you. I personally take the photographs getting the needed profile pictures of the person.

Many of the sculptures of children were made using live models. I often use different colored patinas like jean blue or white for t-shirts. These are done with oxides. Others are done using traditional brown patinas (color of Bronze). The subjects usually model in shorts or bathing suits.

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Sculptor of Bronze Masterworks

Sculptures for Giving

Gift Line

To receive a gift of a bronze statue is a treasure and a gift of a lifetime. It also becomes an heirloom; it has value beyond today and of long lasting worth as it is passed from generation to generation. Bronze is highly prized. Some people have portraits made of their grandchildren to be given to their children. Others gift someone with something already made from the gift line or the other galleries. The joy of giving or receiving a sculpture is a memory never forgotten. If someone chooses something in the collection already in existence it will take 2 and ½ months. There are no short cuts in making a bronze statue.

In creating a bronze everything is made by hand; nothing is done by machine. The artist and all of her artisans are involved in the entire procedure. You may want to include a description of how a statue is made and cast with your gift. Those buying can view the method at the artist’s studio and at foundry if they wish.

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Sculpture Classes

Sculpting Classes

Delesprie believes that if a sculpture is not accurately constructed on the inside it will not be correct and aesthetically pleasing on the outside. Passion, gesture, energy, expression and execution are of utmost importance for a successful sculpture. Teaching from a classical approach at the beginning, using tried and true principles. Delesprie begins instruction with a silhouette (a profile) of the gesture. The method taught is sequential and almost fool proof. Learn how to create attitude through the tilt of the head, neck or waist. Learn how to push the form to create a unique look whether it is classical, abstract or futuristic, exploring your own individual taste. Delesprie gives demonstrations and critiques throughout.

The aim is to build confidence, mastering a sculpture and the creation of an individual work of art.

Classes are held Friday from 11am-2pm in Ventura, CA.

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About Delesprie

About Delesprie

World renowned Sculptor Delesprie’s classical art training has put her in the unique company of past historic Bronze Master Sculptors. She is one of the few living Sculptors to have been honored by the “Laguna Pageant of the Masters”. Mayor Tom Bradley honored her for her contribution to the Arts in Los Angeles.

Her figurative Bronze Sculptures and portraits are painstakingly realistic, magnificently combining strength and beauty with vision or historical accuracy. Her work is timeless and her anatomy of the human form expresses humanity with soulful energy. Delesprie’s classical art is dynamic, emotional, passionate and interactive, evoking a myriad of feelings. The monumental commissions have been incorporated in outdoor areas designed for public functions, political campaigns, assemblies, open-air events, festivals, film and T.V, and attracts visitors from throughout the United States and the World.

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Locations of Delesprie’s Monuments

Find Delesprie’s monuments in Southern California.

You may be surprised to know that you may have actually seen or  passed by her work if you live in the Los Angeles area. Click on the map to see which of her work is near you.
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