About Delesprie

World renowned Sculptor Delesprie’s classical art training has put her in the unique company of past historic Bronze Master Sculptors. She is one of the few living Sculptors to have been honored by the “Laguna Pageant of the Masters”. Mayor Tom Bradley honored her for her contribution to the Arts in Los Angeles.

Her figurative Bronze Sculptures and portraits are painstakingly realistic, magnificently combining strength and beauty with vision or historical accuracy. Her work is timeless and her anatomy of the human form expresses humanity with soulful energy. Delesprie’s classical art is dynamic, emotional, passionate and interactive, evoking a myriad of feelings. The monumental commissions have been incorporated in outdoor areas designed for public functions, political campaigns, assemblies, open-air events, festivals, film and T.V, and attracts visitors from throughout the United States and the World.

Her Bronze Sculptures include, Monuments and Commissions, Celebrities and Portraits, Children, Ballet and Romantics, Gift/Decorative line, Religious, Native American and Animals. To appreciate this amazing Artist and her work one has to personally view the magnificent sculptures and feel the motion and emotion they emit. Representational art has been her genre of choice. Delesprie’s newest work combines expressive human forms with mechanical objects that symbolize the industrial age, time, space and where we are in our quest for discovering ourselves and our purpose as human beings in our Universe.

Born in Montreal adjacent to the Mohawk Iroquois Reservation, Delesprie collected clay from the riverbanks of the reservation to create her first statues. She became fascinated with and sculpted the children and the older Natives. Later she went on to do the same with Native Americans traveling throughout the United States. Delesprie obtained her degree form Loyola University. She then attended Brandis Art Institute taking both private and group classes over a four-year period. Her mentors included: Marion Young, Don Gale and Richard MacDonald.

At the age of 26 Delesprie began sculpting Gene Autry and his horse Champion for the Autry Museum in Griffith Park, CA. This launched her career that has spanned 3 decades and seen the creation of monuments for: Angel Stadium, Eisenhower Medical Center, Orange County Firefighters Authority Memorial, The Americana in Glendale, The Promenade in Westlake Village, Los Robles Medical Center as well as life-sized sculptures at the Commons in Calabasas. Another outstanding achievement was the sculpting of two heroic monumental angels for the “City of Angels”. Standing over 35 feet in height, this emotional and graceful monument is an icon and landmark for Los Angeles at the Grove near the Farmers Market. For other monuments please see Monuments & Commissions located under Gallery on the Menu Bar.

Delesprie has been commissioned and is in the private collections of Hollywood greats: The John Wayne Family, Sylvester Stallone, Dick Van Dyke, Burt Reynolds, Jimmy Stewart and Dick Clark; and Political figures: President Dwight Eisenhower, President Ronald Reagan, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Los Angeles Mayor Richard Reardon, Ross Perot, Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien and Ambassador to Jamaica Glen Holden. For a full list please refer to Clients and Collectors page.

Delesprie was chosen by RTKL Architects of Santa Monica to create an 8 foot tall Bronze Native American Sculpture, “In Praise of the Great Spirit” for the Thousand Oaks Marketplace Mall.

Sculpture is a visual language and Delesprie uses this vehicle in the arts and teaching. Delesprie does mentoring for selected sculpture students. She also leads healing art workshops for at-risk and impoverished children, women and families, locally and in Eastern Europe, Central America and Haiti.

A percentage of sales are donated to non-profit organizations benefiting children, women, and families.

Beginning in 1995, Delesprie worked with Rick Caruso, the developer of Expansive Malls throughout California to create Monuments and Sculptures that immortalized his children and family. Delesprie’s goal has been to create enchanting escapes for all on-lookers of her statues bringing joy for generations as they observe her sculptures that reflect the respective communities where they reside.

People attract more people. That is why Delesprie sculpted in the window of her art Gallery on Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, interacting with people for years.

Anchored by her faith Delesprie believes that all her creativity, inspiration and success has been gifted to her. It’s little wonder that her name in French means “from the Spirit”