Sculpting Demonstration at the Pacific View Mall in Ventura

Center Court at the Pacific View Mall on Saturday, April 16th at 1:00 pm

Sculptor Delesprie

Local sculptor Delesprie is the owner of Bronze Masterworks. She has taught sculpting at Loveland Academy of Fine Art in Colorado, California Art Institute in Thousand Oaks/ Westlake and at Studio Chanel Island Art Center in Camarillo. She has created life size statues and monuments for over 3 decades. Her monuments can be seen throughout Southern California, including: the water fountain at the Promenade in Westlake Village, the 18 Foot angels at the Grove, the Commons in Calabasas and the Firefighters memorial in Orange County. She has won commissions from the Boeing Corporation, the Autry Museum, the Angels Stadium, the Americana, the Janss Thousand Oaks Mall, Sylvester Stallone and Dick Van Dyck. She is one of the few living artists who has been honored by the Laguna Pageant of the Masters.

Delesprie will do a sculpting demonstration with a live model at the Center Court of the Pacific Mall in Ventura on Saturday April 16th at 1:00 pm. She begins with a silhouette process; clay is applies in coils onto the armature (a core structure usually made of metal or wood) paying attention to the perfect front, sides and back profiles of the model. Additional coils are added filling in the spaces of the clay statue noting the length of the nose, forehead, chin, depth of the eyes, width of the cheeks, temples and jaw to ensure an effective likeness. She will also demonstrate how to render expressions and attitudes. Her method is tried and true. She delves into capturing energy, gesture and passion.

She interacts with the audience throughout the live demonstration by describing her process and answering any questions people in the audience may have.

Delesprie has recently moved to Ventura and teaches sculpting classes for beginners and intermediates for any age over 18 years every Friday afternoon at her studio. Once students learn her technique they can sculpt anything. Delesprie believes that if the sculpture is not correct from the inside it will not be correct on the outside. Students have said that hers is the best sculpting class they have ever taken.