Size: 35″h x 17″w x 17″d
Available in: Bronze

The woman, CONTINUUM, is looking out into the future; she is looking beyond the Millennium Kingdom where there are thousands of dimensions.

Presently we are living in the Revived Roman Empire, represented by the Arch above her. This empire is winding down; the whole earth as we know it is winding down. In her hand is a large key. The key represents the Creator because he is the one who wound up time. She is wearing a very futuristic headpiece; in her hair are timepieces that represent the movements – the world’s gravitational pull. Beneath her is an old clock. The clock represents the industrial age; she stands, looking at our life span, just eighty years, in the context of the continuum of time and space is “just a vapor”. James 4:14: You do not know what your life will bring tomorrow, for what is your life? You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away.

The statue of the woman, CONTINUUM, represents the time space continuum. Coming from the past, she has traveled through time, passing through all the ancient empires, dynasties that have had great power and then have fallen apart. Spoken about in the book of Daniel, the five great empires are: Babylon represented by gold, Medo-Persian by silver, Greece by bronze, Rome by iron and the revised Roman Empire represented by a mixture of Iron and clay that will be an amalgam of 10 different countries. The statue began in clay and is cast using the different metals. The Plexi-glass sealed box with the name “Continuum” represents vapor. She stands looking through the different empires in hope for a brighter future.

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